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Price List

New Extinguishers

Dry Chemical

5 lbs. D/C ABC & BC installed & delivered with bracket $70.00
5 lbs. D/C ABC 3A-40BC specific rating for forklifts, MTO,
insurance and fire department inspections
10 lbs. D/C ABC & BC installed & delivered with bracket $175.00
20 lbs. D/C ABC installed & delivered with bracket $240.00

Carbon Dioxide

Recommended for Computer Server Rooms and all Electronic Equipment
5 lbs. CO2 BC installed & delivered with bracket $260.00
10 lbs. CO2 BC installed & delivered with bracket $315.00

Wet Chemical

Kitchen-One ( 20 lb, 6 Litre ) Required for Restaurants $330.00

Pressurized Water

21/2 Gallon A Type Pressure Water $215.00


This includes 6 year maintenance, annual inspection, parts, visual signs, hydro-static testing & labour for all service work performed.  CO2 extinguishers require additional off site service work for hydro-static testing.  Please call or e-mail for additional fees.
5 / 10 lbs. dry chemical abc/bc extinguishers $30.00
5 / 10 lbs. CO2 bc  extinguishers $30.00
2.5 Gallon Pressure Water A Type extinguishers $30.00

Emergency lighting

Emergency lights single units $10.00
Exit signs only $10.00
Emergency lighting and exit sign combined units $20.00
Emergency lighting batteries ( where necessary ) $45.00
Emergency lighting and exit sign combined units supplied and installed per unit Contact us
All lighting prices include testing of batteries, corrosion inspection, bulb replacement, parts and labour.


Annual sprinkler flow through test
( Deficiencies not included )
New sprinkler heads installed,  per head approx.
( minimum $500.00, on site quote necessary )
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Kitchen Systems

Semi annual inspection
( Deficiencies must be corrected to pass inspection )
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First Aid Kits

WSIB Certified
Ontario Level A required for 1-5 employees and delivery vehicles $55.00
Ontario Level 1 required for 5-15 employees $149.00

Eyewash Cabinet

Metal Eyewash Cabinet with solution $119.00

Safety Storage Cabinets

Fire Cabinet 1947-FM45 Factory Mutual Rated
( 45 gallon capacity for flammable liquids , 44 width – 19 depth – 66 height, 375 lbs. 2 shelves, Delivery in GTA $80.00 )

Fire Hoses

Fire Hoses Refolded Annually $25.00

Fire Safety Plan Boxes

Fire Safety Plan Boxes City of Toronto or Peel Region $268.00

Fire Protection Log Book

Fire Protection Log Book – 2 Year $99.00

Fire Extinguisher Signs / Labels

Vinyl peel and stick self adhesive extinguisher signs $5.25

Fire Extinguisher Brackets

Various Wall Brackets $4.25
Vehicle Brackets $12.50

Fire Extinguisher Covers

Fire Extinguisher Covers – 5lb. & 10lb. with or without window $19.00

Fire Alarms

Annual alarm testing by our CFAA certified technicians
(installations, service and verifications also available, please call for an on site quote)

Fire Extinguisher Training

Each participant will receive a certificate of training and will be instructed in the various types of extinguishers and their usage as well as the types of fires they extinguish . Training takes approximately 30 minutes.
(minimum $500 for 6 participants)

Fire Plan

– Up to 10,000 sq. ft
– Multiple Laminate Diagrams Provided NTS (not to scale) and PDF copies for email
– Multiple on site visits may be necessary
– 2 Binders with MSDS, WHMIS, Evacuation and Emergency Procedures
– Fire Plan Box not included

We look forward to servicing your business.

*Minimum $200.00 service charge per call*
*On site truck appointment $40.00 per call*

Prices of Fire Extinguishers

Prices of Fire Extinguisher Service

Prices of Fire Safety & Protection Kits